31 Reasons Why You Should Choose Umbraco!

Not 5, Not 10, But 31 Reasons Instead!

As a development agency, we understand just how important finding the right CMS is for a website. With thousands to choose from it's no simple task. Here at Cold Banana, we've worked and reviewed many CMS's in our time but Umbraco is the one we recommend the most!


So why choose Umbraco? We could list off 5 or even 10 reasons but that's just not enough, so here's 31...

Content Management

Reason 1: Umbraco is an extremely flexible CMS, placing little to no barriers to your digital dreams and visions.


Reason 2: It's by far one of the easiest CMSs out there to learn and get to grips with. 


Reason 3: It has a very flexible workflow that can be tailored entirely to your wants and needs.

Content Editing

Reason 4: Editing in Umbraco is simple and extremely intuitive. 


Reason 5: You can create 'draft' content for future reviewing before having it published. 


Reason 6: There is an option to schedule content to go live at a specific time and date of your choosing. 


Reason 7: Umbraco offers accurate content previews with the option to resize your view.


Reason 8: Everyone makes mistakes! So Umbraco has the ability to rollback any recent to the previously correct version. 


Reason 9: Audit trail shows who has edited what content and when.


Reason 10: Umbraco has an intuitive media library.


Reason 11: It allows assists to be added once and then re-used throughout the rest of the site.


Reason 12: There is an inbuilt image cropper for that perfect image, which is a game-changer for any marketer. 


Reason 13: Umbraco has to ability to save optimizer image crops of the same image for the use of different device types. 


Reason 14: Umbraco discourages "code-bloat" (the production of program code that is perceived as unnecessarily long, slow, or otherwise wasteful of resources) so technical SEO performance can be maximized. 


Reason 15: Lightweight sitemap packages help search engines such as Google find and index your content. 


Reason 16: Umbraco has fully customizable SEO attributes.

Multilingual Content

Reason 17: Umbraco has a full multilingual content management.


Reason 18: It features side-by-side content editing. 


Reason 19: It tailors your content to both the language and region of your site visitors. 


Reason 20: REST API means that Umbraco can integrate with many third-party technologies and proprietary systems. 


Reason 21: There are no restrictions when it comes to Umbraco, if you need it, it can be built. 


Reason 22: It's super easy to build in on site forms which can be extended to interface with your already existing workflows.


Reason 23: Umbraco is an Open Source CMS which means it's supported by hundreds of apps.

Headless/Umbraco Heartcore

Reason 24: With Umbraco Heartcore you can create content in a comfortable and familiar environment.


Reason 25: Full flexibility on front-end development and applications.


Reason 26: Umbraco Heartcore allows content to be consumed in all various platforms whether that be Mobile Apps, Websites, or Smart Devices. 

Content Apps

Reason 27: Content-aware applications allowing you to check just how your content is performing without having to leave the CMS which include the following:


Pre-flight - check that your content meets your company's standards and requirements.


Google Analytics - How it each page on your site performing.


Image Filter - Apply simple image manipulations within the CMS.

Cold Banana and Umbraco

Reason 28: Here at Cold Banana we are Umbraco Gold Partners and have direct access to Umbraco HQ's team. 


Reason 29: We invest heavily and train all our developers to ensure they are fully qualified with the system and able to support our clients to the best standard. 


Reason 30: Bugs, fixes, developments, and security patches are implemented rapidly and responsibly.


Reason 31: And if none of the above reasons has made you decide to opt for Umbraco how about this one... It's FREE!


So there you have it, a quick summary of just some of the reasons why we believe Umbraco should be your CMS of choice. If you're still on the fence and wish to talk with one of our highly skilled team to discuss how it could benefit your business get in touch with us today.