10 Umbraco Things You Didn't Know

Here at Cold Banana Studio when it comes to Umbraco we are specialists. So much in fact that everyone in our team knows how to use it. Our developers build using Umbraco, and our marketing team know how to edit the content.


So without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Umbraco!

Number 1: Cross Platform and Cross Browser Compatible

Being able to access, update and create pages whilst on the move is extremely useful. It means you can make the most of your time by deploying quick changes via phone or tablet.

Number 2: Fast

Umbraco knows that time is important, so they’ve created their fastest working CMS yet! Utilizing the most modern web technologies. Umbraco is not only fast, but is also super reliable!

Number 3: Preview

Testing that web pages are responsive is important for anyone building a website or editing content. So Umbraco have created 6 different ways you can preview as well as test your site without needed to publish it. These views include mobile (portrait & landscape) and tablet.

Number 4: User Friendly

Umbraco knows that their CMS is used by both developers and content editors alike;  so it’s built for simple editing and publishing. For example,  easy to understand tree diagrams, clear formatting of adding elements to a page and easy ways to manage users and their permissions.

Number 5: Half A Million Users

As Umbraco is widely used it means it’s trusted. With so many people using the CMS they are definitely doing something right! Well known brands also use the platform (Facebook, Heinz, Carling & many more).

Number 6: Multilingual

There is an ability to have content published multilingually giving the user a choice of language which they read in. This is useful for companies who want exactly the same web structure for different languages.

Number 7: Media Library

The dedicated media library means easier access to images and videos you wish to publish. The library can also be organized into folders, which means more organization.

Number 8: Scheduling

Do you have a busy day and don't have access to Umbraco to post at a certain time?  Fear not! You can schedule to publish, and unpublish, leaving you free for the day.

Number 9: Permissions

Access is given through permission levels, this means that how much freedom your editors and users get is up to you. This opens a lot of opportunities for its users, as it greatly increases the amount of available resources.

Number 10: Support

Umbraco is constantly wanting the best for their users, developers and content editors alike. So they are always planning updates & improvements, as well they are creating new video tutorials.

Bonus: The Community

The members of the Umbraco community are called Umbracians(an extremely social group) they are active on the Umbraco forum and their meet-ups are spread over a range of cities and countries.