Umbraco Forms is additional functionality that can be unlocked within Umbraco to provide you with the ability to construct responsive forms within your website. These can be anything from simple contact forms to data capture forms to newsletter signs-ups to questionnaires and so much more.

Why Umbraco Forms

Umbraco Forms is integrated seamlessly into your platform for your customers and for your content editors. You can utilise a variety of popular form types, create validation rules and be able to create conditions, such as “only show this field if the visitor answered ‘no’”. This is all accessed within Umbraco’s CMS, which means those familiar with Umbraco will feel at home instantly with the tool. Those new to Umbraco will pick it up quickly, as the solution is intuitive and robust.


As Umbraco Forms is not from a 3rd Party, it is designed to work within Umbraco’s workflows. This means that you can build a form that emails you, updates webservices, pushes directly into your CMS and so much more.


Not only are you able to collect the data from your forms, you will also be able to access the information and action appropriately. Umbraco Forms continues to shine here, providing a built-in reporting tool to display the information and offering you the ability to download the data in Excel or Google Sheets.


All of this is ‘out of the box’ but it doesn’t end there. As with Umbraco itself, Umbraco Forms is a highly customisable and extendable solution, providing you with the flexibility to develop custom form fields. This means that unlike with some 3rd Party Services, all you have to do is think of the answer you’re looking for and build the question you need, as opposed to finding the form type that is the closest match to what you are looking for.


Umbraco Forms customisation doesn't stop at the questions. How you display the reporting is fully customisable giving you the flexibility to display the live results on your website, or on an internal dashboard. The possibilities are endless!

Why Cold Banana and Umbraco Forms

As Umbraco Gold Partner Cold Banana we are able to offer discounts on the forms licence, and we have developed 100s of custom form fields for clients. with clients requiring a variety of unique Form Types and workflows required once a Form has been submitted, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and see if we can help you?

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