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Why Cold Banana and Xamarin

Our accredited Xamarin professionals have built a variety of apps for a range of businesses. The developments range from companion apps to apps with over 100,000 downloads and a high average daily user counts to solutions that require integration with Google and Apple's health and fitness API's to deliver the best user-experience.


What this all means is you can have confidence that we can deliver a popular, easy-to-use, feature rich, integrated app.

Write once use everywhere
Flexible intergration
Xamarin Component Store
Native applications
Native applications

Xamarin uses C# complemented with .NET framework to create apps for any platform, which means you can reuse a huge amount of source code speeding up the engineering cycle. With Xamarin there is no need to switch between development environments which again keeps things running very efficiently.

Unlike many other hybrid solutions based on web technologies, Xamarin cross-platform apps can be classified as native, with comparable performance metrics to those of Java for Android or Swift for iOS.

Due to its cross-platform application, Xamarain makes maintenance and updates quicker and simpler, you simply deploy the changes/updates to the source file and they will be applied to both environments. 

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