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At Cold Banana, our technical teams specialize in .Net builds and CMS development, aiming to deliver digital solutions that exceed expectations. We possess unparalleled expertise in Umbraco, along with various integrated systems and technologies, forming a remarkable composable ecosystem.

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Umbraco CMS

Cold Banana is Umbraco's ultimate Gold Partner, with tons of experience in setting up and managing Umbraco CMS projects. With Umbraco's versatility, Cold Banana can help create enterprise-grade websites without the hassle. We've been Umbraco CMS veterans since 2013 and have seen Umbraco evolve into the powerful platform it is today. With Cold Banana you can be assured that our team of Umbraco experts can make your Umbraco project a reality. Our experienced professionals are always up to date with current Umbraco developments to ensure high quality results. Get started today and trust the professionals at Cold Banana to complete all your Umbraco projects with the highest level of expertise and efficiency.

Sitecore CMS

Our experienced development team are Sitecore experts and have built Sitecore projects for a wide range of clients all over the world. By choosing Sitecore CMS to power your website, you'll get access to tools that enable you to manage complex content in an easy and efficient way. We understand how important it is for digital presences to be compelling and intuitive; because of this, our developers craft attractive user experiences without compromising on Sitecore's advanced features. So if you're looking for an agency that can turn your ideas into reality using Sitecore CMS, Cold Banana is the top choice!


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Kentico CMS

When it comes to Kentico CMS Enterprise websites, look no further than Cold Banana. We are the digital agency that specializes in Kentico CMS management – delivering top-notch results that are consistent and reliable.

Our team of Kentico experts have years of experience with Kentico CMS, allowing us to quickly customize Kentico features and settings to deliver a high quality user experience. With easy setup and support, Cold Banana has the skillset necessary to create powerful Kentico websites that drive conversions. Let us help bring your Kentico website project ideas to life!

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To ensure we develop a solution that delivers the best results, we need to truly understand you, your business and your audience. Once you understand this, we can deliver a solution that works for everyone.


Once we have a clear understanding of what solution works for you, your business and your audience, we can clearly DEFINE that solution. Working with you and key stakeholders in the business we establish and define, a clear and detailed solution.


With all parties agreed on the solution, we progress to the building phase where our expert Project Managers will work alongside our team of talented developers, designers and QA team to create your solution. 


With your solution created, we can now review and analyse the solution in the real world, using a continuous improvement model to build improve and develop the site to deliver an incredible experience to you and your clients.

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