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The Client

Vitality the first insurance company to reward people for healthy living is owned by Discovery Holdings and have over 4.4million clients. Their main mission is to be the best at what they do, offering comprehensive and award-winning Health and Life cover and positively different investments to their exclusive members.

The organisation are known for their innovations such as being the first to reward their customers for living a healthy lifestyle while also offering video GP consultations on Health Plans and exploring the world of voice skills with Amazon.

The Challenge

Vitality developed a concept where they would reward their health insurance customers for living a more active and healthier lifestyle, this innovative idea was partnered with a bespoke app where the activity of each participant could be measured and rewards fairly given as a result.

At the time of developing the app, iOS was the first choice of platform for many businesses, and the Apple Watch was arguably the most popular smartwatch at the time. From this information and the business made a decision to build the app exclusively to iOS users.

As the program grew in popularity and with over 50% of the market being Android users Vitality knew they need to accommodate these customers and made the decision to develop a cross-platform solution to help solve this issue. 

The Solution

With Vitality already having a strong internal development team with experience in developing the iOS app, they need an agency that could complete their internal team's strengths and plug any knowledge gaps with developing a cross-platform solution.

Vitality selected ourselves as we not only had the knowledge but the flexibility to support them in the way that best suited them utilising our co-located model. Engaging in this way meant that our developers were sat directly with Vitality's team working as part of the business to deliver the solution that was much needed. The co-located team report into a Line-Manager within Vitality and participate in sprints.  

Due to Vitality being located in Bournemouth, there are a limited number of developers located in the area that were of such skill set capable of bringing the experience required. Being within arms reach of each-other we where able to have the Cold Banana team on site within a matter of days as opposed to the months it may have taken to hire this talent and the associated costs involved with the recruitment process.

After we completed the process to make the app accessible for android users, the app has been downloaded well over 50,000 times on Android devices dramatically increasing the number of customers that can take advantage of this innovative reward scheme

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