Going The Journey With Moneybarn

Car Finances

Being able to purchase a car on finance is a big decision for anyone. With so many different providers currently on the market constantly emailing new deals, along with contrasting types of finance repayment schemes that all work in various ways the whole process can become somewhat overwhelming.


Taking out car finance can be a great option for many, allowing people to get access to a car without having to pay out a large sum of money upfront. However, getting a car on finance is also somewhat heavily dependent on your overall financial eligibility and affordability and the process can sometimes be confusing and very time-consuming.

Introducing... Moneybarn!

Moneybarn, an established business since 1992 and is the UK's leading lender of finance for specialist cars, vans, and motorbikes, has been a close client of ours for some time. they are known experts in their field for approving customers for finance who might have otherwise struggled to receive.


The team is formed by credit experts who are committed to providing a service to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. Their work has seen them win many industry awards such as ‘Non-Prime Lender of the Year’ at the Motor Finance Europe Awards 2020, Feefo Platinum Award 2020, and Best Brand at the Lending Awards 2020.


They are the largest operator in their market and have thousands of satisfied customers and was the first motor finance company ever to be awarded the Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ certification and actively takes on roles within the Finance and Leasing Association.

Moneybarn's Thoughts

Moneybarn noticed the the trials and tribulations of people trying to get accepted for car finance and took the matter into their own hands, with an application process designed solely around making their customer's financing experience as smooth and seamless as possible.


Another main factor when applying for car finance is that if the lender will finance the type of car you are looking for. Like a lot of us, looking after the environment is becoming an ever-growing concern, and customers are now more than ever opting for all-electric or hybrid vehicles. With the recent ban on all new petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars by 2035, electric cars in finance have become even more popular. Last year was an extremely positive year for the electric car market. September 2020 saw figures increase to 184% of pure-electric registrations compared to the previous year and pure electric vehicles were the only fuel type to increase sales as all other sectors declined by at least 50%; petrol and diesel markets both saw a rapid decline of more than 90%. These types of figures are even more surprising despite most of 2020, the UK was living with lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Electric Cars

There are so many advantages to opting for electric vehicles. Not only helping are they helping the environment but also a mass decrease in the cost of fuel, no tax payable on electric vehicles under £40,000, and are generally cheaper to maintain. With just those reasons mentioned, it’s easy to see why many people are making the switch which is why Moneybarn is heavily invested in ensuring that it’s not just petrol and diesel cars available to everyone but also electric cars and vans and yet still at a reasonable financial cost.


With the likes of Moneybarn, it’s now easily accessible for anyone to get out on the roads again, we have been able to work with them on a few projects to finally get a car on finance with as much ease as possible. The smart and functional website we built for Moneybarn aids to provide customers with the confidence needed when navigating through the application process, and also features a bespoke calculator generating precise results to show the best re-payment options for their customers.


Alongside this we also collaborated with Moneybarn again to bring a new feature to the site, this time being a vehicle finder. Implemented with Umbraco, this mini-project was a new HTML build along with API integration with Exchange and Mart.


The API used within the build searched and filtered cars based on the geo location data, allowing us to display the most relevant results based on the users location.


We built it in a way where the system goes through and exports every evening, collecting the data from Exchange and Mart through to Moneybarn allowing for there never to be out of date stock for their customers. In terms of the Wordpress Development, we created specific car finder widgets to help push the user into the car finder journey. The widget works a lot like the loan calculator which was already on site, this feature enabled the user to be able to select specific care information and will then automatically push them through to the car finder page.


Having both these elements working in conjunction with each other helps improve the overall customer journey providing a seamless and effective way to incorporate multiple different mini sites into one. 


Check out our full Moneybarn case study.