Powering up the national grids training portal

National Grid
Employee Training Portal
The Client

National Grid lies at the very heart of a transforming energy system, spanning across both the UK and the US.

Supplying gas and electricity, safely, reliably and efficiently to millions of customer and communities, National Grid drive change through engineering innovation by incubating new ideas with the power to help revolutionise the Industry.

The Challenge

We were asked to build National Grid an employee training portal, a new system to act as a virtual learning environment for all of its staff members. The main aim of this build would allow staff members to excel and progress their skills within their certain areas of expertise by receiving coaching via a new portal.


National Grid required a fresh new system to meet new requirements including automated progression for staff members, increased data as well as running reports. Not only did the system need to be up to date and easy to use, but also featured a way for coaches to communicate with employees and set up events.

The Solution

From the list of requirements, we were supplied by the National Grid team. A brand new system was built, implementing all the features they asked for - Notifications for employees, a coach area to improve skill levels, and improved reporting so the staff can see their growth. All of these were built around a new central hub that allows access to new training videos where coaches can set up individual teaching event invitations as well as a portal to set up online tests.


National Grid now has full use of a much more user-friendly system that provides them more information on their employees' skill set levels and allows their team to be able to see firsthand their progression within the company.

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