Going On A Journey With Moneybarn

.NET Application Journey
The Client

Moneybarn's approach to lending is supported by its sole focus on achieving rich customer outcomes, assessing each customer on what they can afford to spend on a finance repayment scheme each month that works best for them. 


With the build of a functional and effective website, bespoke finance calendar and most recently geo location vehicle finder, we have been able to provide quality builds and harmonious support to the Moneybarn team. 


  • Umbraco and HTML Development
  • Financial Calculator integrated with Dotmailer
  • Vehicle Finder mini site.
The Challenge

As Moneybarn continued to grow, it became more apparent that it needed to redevelop its web platform, with a brand new responsive website that was able to work seamlessly across all devices.


They required a friendly CMS (Content Management System) alongside the site as it would help allow their marketing team to update the site with regular up to date content, without having to keep going to and from the development team.


The new website needed to include some important features such as a ‘finance calculator’ that worked by driving data by their API’s from their quoting system. The finance calculator also needed to work and integrate with their email marketing system which in this case would be Dotmailer. This was to ensure that all applicants received the relevant and correct information and included them in their marketing cycle

The Solution

As a development agency we put all our focus on getting the Moneybarn website to be able to work as effectively as possible, without having to rush the process, we partnered up with one of the best design agencies to collaborate with us on the project.


The agency helped develop a design that wasn’t only modern-looking and engaging but also very intuitive to use, because of the nature of the customers using the site the design didn't need to be over the top, or ‘flashy’ in any way but needed to show its was professional, up to date and looked like it was able to provide the customers with confidence that it was able to fulfill their needs and requirements.


Once all the designs had been completed and approved, this is where our work truly began, increasing the logic that would go behind the design. We spent a lot of time collaborating with all the team involved to map out the process and create a calculator that worked harmoniously for both Moneybarn and their customers.


We made sure we took out time to ensure that the process was mapped out correctly, this means we were able to create a calculator that produced precise results in conjunction with a seamless application process.


All of the above had to be designed with compliance in the forefront of the mind, due to Moneybarn being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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