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Headless nopCommerce & Umbraco Integration
The Client

Fargro, a leading horticultural supplier, partnered with Cold Banana, a consultancy and development team, to streamline their business processes and create efficiencies. To achieve this goal, Cold Banana worked with multiple teams across Fargro and conducted a detailed discovery phase, resulting in a full functional spec that helped them create a system that integrated the Umbraco CMS & nopCommerce with their existing ERP system (Intact IQ). As a result of this transformation, Fargro's customers are now able to fully manage their accounts and pay their invoices online, which has led to a significant increase in payment of invoices.

The Challenge

Fargro was facing the challenge of manual sales processes and account management, as well as an inefficient and poor performing ecommerce platform. As a result, they wanted to digitise their services and streamline their business processes to improve customer experience and reduce the workload of their employees.

The Solution

To address Fargro's challenges, Cold Banana conducted a thorough discovery phase that involved working closely with multiple teams across the organisation. This phase helped them gain a deep understanding of Fargro's business processes and requirements, which helped them create a full functional spec for the new system.  In addition to this Cold Banana spent a lot of time exploring the integration possibilities with Intact IQ.


Based on the functional spec, Cold Banana built a headless instance of nopCommerce and Umbraco to create a seamless integration between the two systems. This integration enabled Fargro's customers to fully manage their accounts online and pay their invoices. The headless architecture also provided greater flexibility and scalability to Fargro's digital solution.

The Results

By implementing the new system, Fargro was able to achieve significant efficiency gains. Customers were able to fully manage their accounts online, which reduced the workload of Fargro's employees and improved customer experience. Additionally, payment of invoices sped up significantly, leading to a better cash flow for Fargro.


Partnering with Cold Banana has allowed Fargro to transform their digital services and enhance the effectiveness of their platforms. By understanding the unique requirements of a business, Cold Banana were able to use the appropriate technology to develop a tailored solution. Cold Banana's expertise in building headless instances of nopCommerce and Umbraco enabled Fargro to achieve their desired business outcomes, improve customer experience, and stay competitive in the market.


Overall, this case study highlights the importance of partnering with the right consultancy and development firm to achieve business transformation and growth. 

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