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Event Insurance
Custom .NET Build
The Client

Event Insurance Services Limited is a specialised intermediary established in 1996. They provide tailored policies to fit the scale and style of the occasion – from school fetes and small ceremonies to high profile weddings and events. They provide themselves on offering easy to understand and simple to buy policies which are underwritten by some of the worlds biggest underwriters.

Event Insurances' policies have been developed with the benefit of long term experience and the clear understanding that every event is unique, and special, to the individual. These policies can be relied upon to provide cover that is appropriate and affordable. All this means they have a customer return rate of over 90%.

The Challenge

Event Insurance existing agency was unable to meet their needs as the business grew and demand grew higher from their current system, they were faced with a series of barriers.

It was decided that the business needed to look for a new development partner, one that could develop the additional functionality they needed to keep their business at the forefront of the industry.

Upon selecting a partner, Event Insurance had to make sure that not only could their team add into the system but also capable of on-boarding themselves.

The Solution

Following our selection as Event Insurances new development partner, our first step in providing them with support was to visit the business and shadow the team using the system they were already utilising. This was an important stage to our on-boarding process as it meant we could fully understand how the system was being used and simultaneously understand what improvements needed to be made to provide a better experience for the user.

The next step, was to complete a full code review, which served 2 key purposes. The first was that it meant we could familiarise ourselves with the code and understand how the system worked and the second meant that we could identify any faults or weaknesses.

We took the information generated from both these steps and to produced both an improvements and priority report to present to the company.

Following from a successful on-boarding process we began to implement the additional functionality that Event Insurance wanted to be included in their custom .NET build, which included the likes of a blanket price increase, new policy functionality and corresponding landing pages for their website.

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