What Is A CMS and Why Do I Need One?

What is a CMS?

CMS is the abbreviation of the term Content Management System, it is a piece of software that enables non-technical users the ability for anyone to create, manage and edit content on a website.


In even more simplified terms a CMS is a platform that opens up the building and editing of a website to anyone of all technical skill levels.


There are 2 key parts to the majority of CMS’s:


CMA (Content Management Application)

This element of the system enables you to edit, add and manage the content across your site, the part you interact with.


CDA (Content Delivery Application)

This element is the ‘techy’ bit the part that works in the background of the system taking your content from the CMA and storing it so anyone visiting your site can see your content.


These 2 elements work in conjunction with each other to deliver a CMS that means the management of your website is simpler, quicker and therefore easier to use, meaning you can update things regularly without having to spend a lot of money and time on hiring a developer.

What Does a CMS do?

A CMS provides you with a ready-built tool for managing the core parts of your website, like storing images, building webpages, editing content and so much more. With the key parts of your site taken care of by the content management system, you and your team are left free to focus on what your customers want to see on the site and help you stand out from the crowd.


For this example we will use one of the fastest-growing and most popular CMS’s on the market, Umbraco, and using this very website as an example.


With Umbraco (and most CMS’s) you can add your content in a way that feels natural and intuitive if you have ever used Word. Just simply add your text directly into the field, and you will be able to change font sizes, justifications, add bullet points, and so much more.

What is the Best CMS?

The best suited CMS depends on different people and business needs meaning that the question shouldn’t be "which is objectively the best CMS", but instead "What CMS is right for me?"


Additionally, if you are looking for the right CMS, you'll need to find the right development partner.