We're RAR rated!

Cold Banana Are a RAR Rated Agency!

We’ve been highly rated by our clients and have become a RAR Recommended Agency! It’s a big accomplishment for us to become RAR recommended in Software Development and Web Development because it shows that we’ve been recognized by the industries leading agency listing and rating register, which provides companies with a way to rate agencies on their services, value for money and technical ability.

So, What's The Deal With Being RAR Rated?

So why are we so excited about being RAR rated? Well, it means that our awesome clients have been impressed consider our work a high enough standard to rate us highly on the RAR site.


To us, the bottom line is always that we want a happy client and we consider it the highest form of compliment. Being RAR rated goes further than just the standard of the work we provide and our happy clients, what it really shows is that we have a team of talented, hardworking and committed people who are dedicated to producing high-quality work for our clients on a daily basis.

Without Further Ado, Thank You!

From here all we can say is Thanks! A massive thanks to all of our clients who have rated us well to help us on our journey of reaching this goal, and thanks to all the support we’ve had! When it comes down to it there really is no Cold Banana without our fantastic clients!