Keeping Our Clients Serviced Amidst Covid-19

The Impacts of Coronavirus

Our senior team have been monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus since January and as of today (13th March) Dorset has had 3 confirmed cases.


There have also been significant changes with other countries around the globe discussing a travel ban. Events have been cancelled and companies are either shutting their offices or not allowing any visitors.


At this stage our office is still open and functioning as normal. However, we are extremely lucky that our staff have the ability to work from home and all live in the local area, so should we need to shut the office or should a member of staff require self isolation, we are prepared. We have put measures in place and everyone has been briefed on what will happen should the situation advance. As you'd expect we are well versed with cloud based systems and remote working. We are taking inspiration from others around us whom have already set a work from home requirement, and if necessary will close our office before the government tell us to.

Reassurance for Clients

We would like to assure all of our clients that the following will happen while staff are at home:


- Video meetings daily with the development teams and the management teams.


- Online shared documents to ensure correct notes are taken during any meetings or between colleagues working on one project


- Video meetings between our staff and clients will take place instead of face to face


- Clients will still be able to have telephone conversations when needed or using our Project Managers mobile number if you have it


During this challenging and unsettling time we will continue to provide the highest level of support that all of our clients have come to expect.