Cold Banana Help Release a New Digital Platform For Animal Adoption

Lockdown Pets

How many people do you know who've got themselves a new 4 legged friend within the last year or more specifically during the global pandemic? It's been no surprise that more people have turned to pets to provide company while being unable to see friends and family due to social distancing measures that the UK has been facing.


It's been stated that animal shelters have seen a significant rise in the number of people looking to foster or regime a pet during the pandemic, and has been reported that 2.1 million people have so far collected a new pet during lockdown. Putting that into perspective, that's 11% of all households. 

The Cost of Pets

Parallel to that high demand, dog breeders have seen an even sharper price increase, where puppies have been selling for a staggering £3,000 more due to the escalation of interest, this is 104% higher than it was during the same period 12 months prior. 


Prices are even set to increase more when considering certain breeds, Cocker Spaniels, and Jack Russell's being the highest in demand, now 174% more expensive. 


Animal charities around the UK such as the RSPCA are strongly urging people to consider adopting a pet rather than buying from private breeder, but also to establish whether this is the right decision long-term. During the current lockdown, this could be the perfect time to settle in a new pet and give them that much needed love and attention.

The Responsibilities Needed for Pets

In normal times, if someone wanted to take on the responsibility of being a new pet owner a fair few hoops would need to be jumped through before getting to bring their new best friend home. You could be spending hours driving around all the local rescue center's in the hope to come across your perfect companion, but due to lockdown, this has become even harder to achieve.


This is where Animates makes a name for themselves, being able to view any new additions specific animal shelters has at that time. With the use of impressive technology, the website completes a crawl of all the listed shelters, automatically updating them to the website. 

Introducing... Animates!

The team behind Animates consists of experienced dotNET certified developers and Gold Partners of Umbraco, another software used for the build combined with a wealth of knowledge to achieve a fast and reliable website.


To learn more about the journey behind Animates as well as in-depth knowledge of the technology used and specification of the features included within our latest build be sure head over to our Animates case study.