Cold Banana Growing Up Fast

A Trip Back in Time...

Let’s take you back to 2018, well into year three and in our 4th home, year on year we have grown, but always shared an office space with another company - mostly so we didn’t rattle around on our own, but also because it made financial sense. But now it was time to have our very own space, to put our own stamp on and to give our staff the work environment they deserved.

The Start to Current

Luke and Sophie scoured the town for a suitable building, wanting to stay in Bournemouth, but finding something big enough was a challenge. However Cold Banana are good at taking on a challenge and soon found the perfect location - right opposite their current base so no removal people were needed, and with 11 parking spaces, a rare find in the Town Centre!


The team were kept in the dark about what the inside was like until the day they moved in, the blinds firmly shut so they couldn’t peek while the alterations were being done. Luke wanted something that was open but had breakout spaces, meeting rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. This means we are able to welcome our lovely clients for meetings to discuss projects and bring them to life.


Luke also had one other surprise up his sleeve - a gym in the vault! Did we mention the building is a former bank? It still has the original vault door and metal cage meaning the gym is pretty cool and sound proof! A little secret, if you ever need help with laying flooring, just give Luke and Sophie a shout - they fitted out this space in the evenings and weekends.


So the start of 2019 saw the big move happen and the team settled in straight away. It feels like we have been here more than a year but we’re not sitting back, the team has grown and the magnolia walls will soon be a thing of the past. We can’t wait to update you with pictures of the transformation, so watch this space.


Now that our new office is in place we have exciting plans to host tech events and invite you all to come and find out more. Whether you are from a tech background or not we will be running different events to showcase Umbraco. Look out for your invite!


In the mean time if you're passing please come in and see us. Everyone is welcome at Banana House!